Tank storage

Storage and transshipment

Vendrig has more than 40 permanent storage tanks made from high-quality stainless steel. The total storage capacity amounts to approximately 12,000 tons. All the tanks are equipped with their own pump and agitator, are fully ‘self-supported’ and can be set up to suit individual customer requirements. Thanks to its central location in relation to major ports and arterial roads, this tank park facility is ideal for storage and transhipment throughout Europe.


Vendrig leases its tanks for various liquids, both ADR and NON-ADR. These are often products for the feed sector or for technical applications. We offer both tank storage and the ability to pump liquids from the tank park for mixing or filling. And that is just one of the unique options we provide.

Optimal service and quality

The products can be stored at a specific temperature and/or under a nitrogen blanket in order to maintain quality. We have developed an in-house system to accurately monitor all the tanks. Real-time information about the stock held in the tanks is available 24 hours a day.

Tank park USPs

Heated tank storage
Dedicated pump and piping
Flexible storage options
Nitrogen blanketing