Corporate video

Sustainable corporate responsibility video

Through the video below we would like to share our story and how we have made sustainable corporate responsibility a part of our company’s core. We believe in our model and strive towards the right balance between innovation, entrepreneurship and respecting our environment and the world. By doing so, we create an essential foundation to provide the best service in a sustainable way every day.

General corporate video

This short corporate video shows how we mix, pack, store and transport products with the greatest possible care. Watch our well-trained staff in action. They guarantee you excellent quality and use all kinds of innovative solutions to make all our business processes run even more efficiently. You will almost certainly be pleasantly surprised by the extensive range of services presented in this video!

250 ML - 5 Liter filling line
5 KG - 30 KG filling line
30 KG - 1250 KG filling line