Vendrig Liquid Solutions and Transport

Providers of logistical services for liquids

Vendrig operates in the upper segment of the national and international market

Vendrig started offering tailor-made total logistics solutions in 1990. Covering optimisation of the logistics process, tank transport, storage and transhipment as well as mixing, filling and packaging. Handling other people’s products requires a high degree of responsibility. Something we are well aware of. We have proved ourselves to be a solid and reliable partner time and again, largely due to our dedicated customer-focused approach. And have been successful in this area for the past 30 years!

The appearance of our company reflects the quality of the service provided by Vendrig

Vendrig is known for its use of the best materials available, such as high-quality stainless steel, and also for its innovative IT solutions and optimised production processes. We like to contribute our ideas and expertise, and our primary objective is to provide excellent service to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We operate as though we were an extension of your company!

We are:






Vendrig is very innovative when it comes to special demands. They always think along and are very quickly in solving problems

Robbert Boerman, Oxea

A reliable and highly professional company. We have worked with them for years to our full satisfaction.

Mark Hoogendoorn, Purac Biochem

We have worked with them for over 10 years, Vendrig is not just any supplier, they are a worthy partner of ours. It simply is a very pleasant company to work with

Irene Quintana, Eastman Chemicals

Vendrig understands what supply-driven logistics are about, so they can deliver the ideal service.

Cornel van Gelderen, Duynie Holding