Vendrig operates a modern mixing plant that has been developed in-house. It is used to mix various liquids and solids. Our fully tried-and-tested, ingenious mixing process allows us to offer JIT delivery for mixing orders. Mixtures can be transferred to small packaging units or delivered directly in bulk.

Professional expertise

We offer you professional advice in the preliminary phase, based on our longstanding experience. Vendrig’s employees are experienced and expert professionals. This is essential to providing a high-quality product for our customers. All the components are accurately metered to ensure production of the required quantity to the right formulation.

Process monitoring

Accuracy is essential. So Vendrig has developed a smart system to monitor and control every aspect of the entire mixing process. For example, we have developed special procedures for performing additional checks and registering data. In addition, the mixing tank is cleaned after each order to rule out contamination.

Mixing plant USPs

Directly connected to the storage tanks
Fully automatic cleaning
Batches of up to 50 tons
Precise component metering