Time savings

Vendrig has developed its own, completely unique tank trucks, which makes loading and unloading possible within 15 minutes. This is where we differentiate ourselves strongly from other market players. This capability, in combination with fully trained, regionally based drivers, offers customers guaranteed fast and efficient loading and unloading for every load.


Our tank trucks are equipped with an accurate weighing system and a built-in flushing system. In addition, each tanker is equipped with a wide range of couplings, hoses and its own filling hose, so that we can load and unload at any location.


The trucks are equipped with the latest generation of energy-efficient engines. In addition, truck usage and fuel consumption are continuously analysed. We use this information to implement a programme of continuous optimisation. We also train our drivers in the latest driving techniques. A low unladen weight ensures that more cargo can be transported.

Tank truck USPs

On-board compressor, weighing system and pump unit
Fast loading and unloading
Wide range of couplings and hoses
Low unladen weight, greater payload, lower cost per ton
Internal flushing system with an on-board collection tank